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The Midtowner is Hattiesburg’s community cafe. Our team is up before the sun to make fresh biscuits and pancakes to start your day off with flavor. Stick around for lunch and you’ll find your favorite picks to make a meat and three blue plate meal.


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It's HOT. Cool off with an Açaí Bowl made with @loblollybakery granola!
It's not rocket science just come eat the dang bacon at The Midtowner!
You do what you gotta do to keep them occupied before their food comes out!

📷: Toni Michelle Lewis
This dish is a little sample of the South, and that's why it's called the Southern Sampler! It is made with one of our famous Cathead biscuits topped with fried ham, sausage gravy, two fried eggs and a side of stone-ground grits.
🍽️ If your dad is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, treat him to our blue plate lunch and celebrate Father's Day at The Midtowner!
“It’s hard to admit that a biscuit recipe exists that is better than your grandmother’s, but we deal in the truth around here. At The Midtowner we use real butter and whole buttermilk from a local family farm. I’m hanging on to the fact that my grandmother didn’t have access to those things as to why The Midtowner biscuits are the best, ever!

Garden & Gun yesterday, Okra magazine today. The cathead is out of the bag.”

Owner, Robert St. John

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It's not a restaurant. It's a LIFESTYLE!

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